This is Our Story

In 2017 “Japan Street Food” takeaway opened its door to habitants and visitors in the centre of the historic city of Paisley. Just then we didn’t know how much people will be excited to set off into an undiscovered food journey with us and that our community will grow so rapidly over the time being.

But… many changes approached paisley in the 2019, as well as they encouraged our wee corner to expand and in summer 2019 we slid doors open to a 50 covers restaurant at the same location, on 9-11 Renfrew Road.


Exterior mural at Japan Street Food Paisley

And don’t forget a good grab for drink – here you will find a wide range of Japanese & local spirits and wines, soft drinks & cocktails, to make your dining experience worth travelling for! Indulge into “Kawai” world of flavours & sensations, inspired by Japan – developed in our kitchen.

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